Roadster Gallery | 2008 Fall Roadster Run 1/1

2008 Fall Roadster Run

Steve & Dar en route

Steve & Dar en route-2

Steve & Dar en route-3

Steve & Dar en route-4

Steve & Dar in my mirror

AT the I-94 rest stop

Harvey's engine bay

At the rest stop-2

At the rest stop-3

Fall Roadster Run-2008 040

Fall Roadster Run-2008 041

Fall Roadster Run-2008 042

Tim's '70 1600

Gary & Cindy's 67-half 2000

My 67-half BSR tribute

In front of Tim's

The lineup

Takin over the gas station

Pure octane!

Gassin up

All four pumps are ours!

All four pumps are ours!-2

All four pumps are ours!-3

Gary's fine 67-half 2L thirst quenched

Datsun's rule the road

Gary & Cindy having fun

If only it wasn't fuzzy

Gary & Cindy in the twisties

Conquering Datsun entering the city below

Think Bullitt

Think Bullitt-2

Think Bullitt-3

At the Ridge

At the Ridge-2

At the Ridge-3

Fall Roadster Run-2008 029

Fall Roadster Run-2008 030